lad you found us! We are Hacke & Spitze, a Berlin based specialist shop with an overwhelming range of dance-related products. In our 180 square meters store in Kreuzberg we offer dance shoes and dance-clothing by numerous established brands as well as unusual pieces by smaller fashion labels. More detail on our assortment is found further down this page.

The health aspect in dancing is particularly important to us: Find out why support stockings aren‘ t just a good thing for ole Aunt Margaret… Dancing is a beautiful activity but inevitably painful too – we counter this widespread myth with good shoemakers craftsmanship, medical expertise and last but not least a whopping range of bespoke silicone pads. It’s fair to say that we have already found appropriate shoes for countless (customer acclaimed) impossible feet.
We are partners on an equal footing to all professional dancers and give all necessary guidance to those who have just started off with dancing. We wish dancing to be fun to anyone – at any skill-level.
In case you want to obtain a quick overview – or are unfortunate enough ;o) to live far away from Berlin there’s also our Webshop. Obviously you will miss the priceless atmosphere and fitting experience in our Shop but we promise great remote support on the Phone and via (E-)Mail too.

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The Dance, of all the arts, is the one that most influences the soul.


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From Berlin to Buenos Aires
You consider life not exactly plan-able and find the greatest enjoyment rather in its unforeseen twists and turns? You prefer not to stick to predetermined step sequences – but instead see improvisation as the chance to connect with dancing partners in the best possible way?

Seems as if you were one of the many Tangueros and Tangueras in Berlin – the city that claims to be the second-largest Tango Metropolis, just behind Buenos Aires. Just there, in Buenos Aires some of the Tango shoes in our Portfolio are made.We are particularly fond of shoes by Raquel. This brand has convinced us over the years with consistent superb finish, sublime materials and their extraordinary balance.

Then again –  there are are few European Tango Shoe brands which we consider on par, in terms of style and know-how with Argentinian manufacturers, such as Rosso Latino, Nada Mas, Porteno & Bailarina (all Italy) or Rue Snob (Turkey).

Dancing Tango Argentino takes place in tight connection of the dancers, expansive steps usually play a lesser role than motion about the body axis. This fact requires the sole to rotate well, especially in the case of the following dance partner. Hence many dancers choose smooth leather soles for Tango: As the name suggests – it is indeed very smooth and slick.

In general, all dedicated dance shoes with leather soles should work just fine for Tango. In addition to the proper footwear, we offer a broad selection of Tango clothing – ranging from casual training pants to glamorous sequin-trim dresses, tops and skirts. Gentlemen find typical Tango trousers with wide and comfy leg cuts – made from materials which work well for dancing, such as the models by the French label Gustango and the Italian brand Gantlé.


so much more than just pink tulle ...
Whether it’s highly refined art, as performed by professional Ballet Dancers
or the passionate hobby of countless people between 4 and 84 – classical ballet at any rate is one of the most comprehensive full body workout methods that exist. Every single muscle is in use and one may exercise to wonderful music – those who once discovered Ballet are likely go missing forever from the Jogging community :o).

Dance-enthusiasts will find everything they need in the ballet hall: Ballet slippers in different types with split or continuous soles for children and adults or jazz shoes, teachers' slippers, Greek sandals as well as so called hamster cuffs, such as Foot Undeez by Capezio or Neoform by Bloch. These minimal dance shoes are no longer reserved to modern and contemporary dance but get more and more common as training shoes for Tango and Salsa dancers.  Is it about your very first pointe shoe or would you like check out a new pointe shoe brand? Or do you need a reliable resource for your tried and true model? We offer Pointe Shoes by popular brands such as Grishko, Russian Class, Bloch, Merlet, Sansha and Wear Moi. Are you just starting out with the Ballet? In our store you may try all models out and get guidance by seasoned Ballet professionals.

In addition to the right footwear, we also offer a wide selection of ballet leotards. Whether it’s about a plain spaghetti straps tank-top or a delicate long-sleeved leotard with lace trim –  professional dancers as well as the beginners will sure find the right model. There’s Basics (items we have have on stock regularly), but also special collections by Bloch / Mirella Intermezzo or Só Dança. Besides these large, established brands we also feature smaller European labels, such as ballet rosa (Portugal) or Sheddo (Greece), who have their production facilities in Europe. Those smaller firms are quite flexible in terms of custom solutions. Whether you’re in need of bespoke leotards, unitards or basic stage costumes – feel free to get in touch, when you are looking for something special! We will certainly find a good solution.

For men we have ballet slippers, jazz shoes and sneakers, tights, jazz pants, shorts, dance belts, shirts and unitards. And of course we have all those auxiliary items, required training and stage: leg warmers, elastic tapes, knot nets, colophony (pine resin) and much more...

For little dancers, we offer a wide selection of children's ballet leotards, tutu, wrap skirts, wrap jackets and cuffs. Ballet tights and slippers need of course also the young ballerina. Billy Elliots can also find their equipment at Hacke & Spitze - with the boys the tulle factor tends towards zero, there are shorts, leggings, suits and slippers for the training routine of the young dancer. For further education there’s a choice of books for various ages with on dancing and ballet.



From New York to L.A.
You at times have no problems to accept a 5 as an even number? You consider always making steps exactly with the beat somewhat pedantic – and find that it’s the breaks which truly add spice to life?

Then you likely dance Salsa! To dance both steps and pauses well and safely we at Hacke & Spitze suggest to invest in a good pair of dancing shoes. Many fast small steps do require a flexibe sole – it should allow for twists, but at the same time provide enough control to savely dance expansive steps as well as stops.
A tight fit is crucial for Salsa shoes, they have to feel like a second skin on the foot – but of course they should look great as well. At Hacke & Spitze you can try on a variety of ladies and gentlemen models from different brands. Anna Kern, Portdance, Rosso Latino or Merlet and many more. Whether you’re a Lady or a Gentleman, you’re leading or following – we’ll sure find the right shoe together.

Beyond that we do also offer lightly swinging skirts and dresses, fancy tops and all-round dance trousers for men –  to complete the outfit perfect for the never-ending Salsa night.

Society dance (Standard / Latin)

Cha-Cha-Cha to Foxtrott
With us you find classical standard dance shoes and sandals for Latin dances by popular brands such as Werner Kern, Toptanz, Rummos, Merlet, Portdance or Só Dança. Heels come in heights of 2 to 8 cm and make these shoes a great choice for hours of painless dancing. Great for making an elegant Ballroom appearance, even on New Years Eve.

For workshops or for regular training we offer Trainer Shoes – they are somewhat more sporty but still come with moderately high heels to support the dance-position. Many Dance Teachers also like wearing Trainer shoes during their lessons.

Those who prefer a more casual look, may choose from a wide selection of dance sneakers by brands like Rumpf, Capezio, Bloch, Toptanz, Portdance and Sansha. Of course, we also have an assortment of men's shoes, starting with classic black to more daring colors and material combinations. If you prefer a sporty look, we can help you as well: Brands such as Portdance and Toptanz even have dancing shoes that do not look like dance shoes  : -) ... Even orthopedic inlays may be worn in some dance shoes. They have a detachable inner soles, which can be replaced by personal insert. Show your orthopaedist what a chassé is!

Men find classic dance pants made from lightweight, breathable and highly elastic material, as well as elegant but spacious dance-trousers by Gustango or Gantlé. Ladies can indulge in a wide selection of tops, skirts and dance dresses, which all come with cuts and materials perfectly optimized for dancing. That being said – they are obviously also a fantastic fit for candlelight dinners and the Theater...

Flamenco and Tap Dance

The body is the instrument
In these two dance genres, it is not enough to only learn the steps –  you also have to master an instrument: It’s your own body in conjunction with the shoe that produce the sound. This fact makes it crucial to have a good shoe (ie a good instrument) on the foot, which produces a proper euphonic sound. It’s just like that: Even a great musician can only elicit pretty modest tunes from a cheap plastic flute. We offer a small but carefully picked product range for these two dance genres. Flamenco shoes from Begona Cervera impress with their great craftsmanship, especially with the nailing and turn out to be surprisingly comfortable, due to nicely cushioned inner soles. Already the  beginner model is manufactured based on the long proven Begona lasts.

With Tap shoes we do only offer models with screwed taps. Cheap, readily riveted to the sole sheet metal taps are not our cup of tea. Even a beginner shoe should exhibit a good sound, only then it’s be a pleasure to learn. In the case of Tap Dancing wearing a spectacular dress is usually considered far less important than having a well sounding instrument on the foot.

Swing Dance

Charlston, Lindy Hop, Balboa, West Coast

It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing... Berlin used to be a hotspot of Charleston Dance and Swing music in the Wild Twenties already and even the darkest chapter of German history could not completely silence Swing Music. In recent years, the Swing Dance scene has rapidly evolved and spreads out into various sub-communities.

Just as manifold as the flavors of Swing are the types of Dance shoe worn: Often sporty, with flat heels, typical 2-colour Charleston models or even high heels for Balboa dancing are just a few of the possibilities. The Swinging Leader can choose from feathery and super-agile Dance-Sneakers or rather opt for classic men's dance shoe with a Budapest pattern.

The style of the Swing Kids is as multifaceted as their dance: Anything goes – for as long as the skirt nods gently with every Swing-Out and the pants loosely bob off-beat as well. We are continually expanding our product range to offer a broader variety to all Swing enthusiasts. Our focus is, of course, on items that do not only look fancy, but also come with a considerable functional advantage. Looking for something special? Please let us know.

Nobody can take away from me what I have danced.

From Spain

Hacke & Spitze: The management

Jutta Peixoto Cordeiro did her modern dance training still in the typical 80's unitard in glossy Lycra trim – in cheerful neon green, obviously. In the following years she worked as a freelance dancer and fashion model.

After the birth of her son, somewhat more continuity was needed in her life. Thus Jutta began working as a clerk in a specialist shop for dance supplies and soon became the Shop-Manager. Over the years, she has acquired an encyclopaedic knowledge of models, materials and processing techniques. She brought this treasure into the founding of Hacke & Spitze. 'This dark blue leotard with fluttery sleeves with crossed straps, I think that was by Intermezzo – know what I mean?...' Jutta is indeed in the picture right away – even if the model is out of fabrication since autumn 2007...

Fashion may have changed over the decades, but Jutta stuck to dancing – until today she regularly attends ballet classes and therefore always knows what is going on between plié and grand jeté.

Daniela Wasseveld was very good at punching yellow felt balls. Yet she decided to leave the footsteps of Steffi Graf – much to the pain of her father. Daniela dropped her tennis racquet and exchanged red ashes against daily Ballet training on gray dance carpet.

After many years of classical Ballet she later trained as a Musical performer. Daniela then worked for years on stage of small, big and tour productions. At some point, she was no longer willing to count up to eight – and she became a naturopath with a focus on acupuncture. She worked exclusively in the health care sector for a few years. In the end, however she found something missing – she did not want to spend her entire working life without being in touch with Dance. Daniela found the perfect partner in Jutta in order to start up with Hacke & Spitze in 2010.

Her medical knowledge combined with her great experience as a dancer form the foundation for holistic consultation. At Hacke & Spitze she further she takes care of business development.